۩۞۩Unrelenting Saga۩۞۩

+++Japanese Way+++
Part: II


Code 0f Bushido

By: Dan Capullo

When you go elsewhere at the main cities, streets,prefectures and temples in Japan, your visit will not be complete if you missed the opportunity to see the remains in an archives at the library and of course at the national museum. About the facts and information to one of the eccentric and legends in Japan, it is the Bushido where a Samurai followed its primary principle (discipline, self-control and chivalric code honour of the Japanese warrior, Samurai) Bushido means “The Way 0f The Warrior* its principles is the way and strength of a Samurai. When they engage in a battle. But when I heard about samurai it often gave me a first impression of having, carrying their sword. Their loyalty, dignity and strength as a warrior from their emperor(the son of God in heaven whom they served). Tracing their cultural heritage is much more fun than to eat a Japanese Tofu nor a dumpling that can be easily seen on a busy street.

I’m think of it from when would I step foot in Japan someday and meet its people to feel the difference and the face of Asian cultural heritage… ohhh I’m dreaming But I’ll hold from that dream because we don’t know where and when…»


A Japanese text simplyfying the word “Samurai”







Source: bushido


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