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+++Japanese Way+++

By: Dan Capullo

Tracing their life custom and culture its quite interesting but more difficult if you’ll not focus to the structure of their language yeah its Nihonggo. But the most interesting about the Japanese is their traditional clothing Kimono and also their ritual in serving tea (cha-no-yu, chado, or sado) the Japanese tea ceremony. It is Cha-no-yu (茶の湯, literally “hot water for tea”), And I really loved especially when you see some Japanese girl wearing their traditional Kimono dress so modest but more attractive that’s why I loved Japan the place that someday I wanna be. Shrines, Temples, their way of writing(Japanese Calligraphy), Japanese Edo Castles and the Tale of Samurais
it makes me amazed that Japan is more than the usual oriental place in the heart of Asia. Its an adventerous journey when you stepping in from their land,“Land 0f The Rising Sun”

Japanese Tea Ceremony
A Pretty Japanese girl

wearing her colorful dress

Kimono more on traditional but modest in terms of clothing.