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۩۞۩Unrelenting Saga ۩۞۩


By: Dan Capullo

“In a bounds of time feels I’m weary, dreaded from being an innocent. That deprived from everything unjust not know how to rage against my self anger. But only once all things in my life was changed; everything in my darkest past, I became Ill to the power that I possessed that harms many countless lives. In just a blink.”

۩۞۩Unrelenting Saga ۩۞۩


By:Dan Capullo

Passin in a river, a swan with a two gentlewings passing through and with a yellow-silvery flume of fog and spirits of the enchanted that lift up in a cloudy morning, breathed suitly with those unexplained creatures wishing that you were there with me and witnessed those unbelievable things gonna happen ‘once in a lifetime’.

۩۞۩Unrelenting Saga ۩۞۩


By: Dan Capullo

“Pale, the color of sadness that makes all walks of lives become horrible, saddened by everyday fear, lissome and greed. But I promise that I’ll take you in a place where all this was not shown but peaceful calm as a river, grandfalls and a wide greenfields. A place that we can called shelter a resting place so sacred only by you and me.”

۩۞۩Unrelenting Saga ۩۞۩


By Dan Capullo

When the online game that I played , Tantra was ended up their services to all of their players we decided to go and looking for something new. And one day it came to me the RF online Philippines. It was introduced to me by my long time friend, there I decided to create one and then knowing all the requirements of its basic command. The name of my Tantra character I decided to not rest him but to revived in other MMORPG. So the named ‘VizcondeNavinuz’ are not only exist in Tantra but now in RF and I’m happy the both players from Tantra to RF aren’t new to each other many are just trying only to see if the MMORPG will satisfy their gaming experience. But truly RF online satisfied my online gaming to a whole new level. When you creating an account you need to buy/purchase a level-up! card just to load and to benefits their ‘Premium Services’.


۩۞۩Unrelenting Saga ۩۞۩۞۩

“Journey To  Silkroad”



_By: Dan Capullo_______


۩۞۩Unrelenting Saga ۩۞۩

Kendrink Session


By: Dan Capullo


Woaah , we had a drinking  session here at 8:00 pm in the evening that suit my stomach but not at all times ’cause I only do drink in an occasion. But I would like to thanks my friends Warren and Jayson for understand me that I only drink moderately. Hard drinks like liquor ah! I don’t want too much of it– ’cause it taste beer, but is more highly recommended so I would rather choose beer.